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Mensa Visit the Western Pennsylvania Mensa Home Page
...general overview of the organization, membership info, articles by Mensans, local group contacts, bylaws, etc.

Internet Tools and Webmaster Resources Amby's Internet Tools & Website Development
...resources for Internet newbies and experienced Webmasters
also, ways to
Get Paid NOW while using your computer.

Job Search Resources on Amby's Work Site Amby's Work Site provides Job Search Resources,
....including Pittsburgh employer info, search tips, job listings, etc.
The Portfolio Library and other works by Martin Kimeldorf

Education and Test Prep Resources Test Prep Resources ...test-taking skills for academic or employment tests ....practice for the GRE or GED ... also:
Educational Resources for Teachers, Students, & Parents  

Thinking Skill Enhancers Brain Teasers, Puzzles, & Thinking Skill Enhancers assortment of learning activities, computer puzzles and games to play online (or download), as well as IQ tests and personality assessments.

Amby's Cat Information Site Amby's Cat Information Site...includes:
Declawing Alternatives; Training & Nail Trimming Instructions; build a scratching post; Guide to Toxic Plants; Feral Cat Info

Animal Friends Online Animal Friends - Pittsburgh's no-kill shelter (in the Strip)!!
...explore the extensive pet care resources; visit the animals awaiting homes; learn how YOU can help!!

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