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Here are the programs I've had direct experience with:

CyberGold [GoldBar currently on hold]
Sign up for a FREE Cybergold membership!
If you're a CyberGold member, remember to cash out by August 31. Join MyPoints to get great rebates, earn and spend points, etc. Also, get FREE Internet Access!! [AKA MoveAbout]
Pay rate was ZERO for several months (but you don't know what the rate will be until after you've put in the time...). June 2001 rate was $.01 per hour for a maximum of two hours a day. You must be a "Premium Partner" user to get this rate and that now means agreeing to have your name added to umpteen lists (or opt-out on a weekly basis). Payment can be requested once you reach $100 and you will be charged a $10 service fee. At a penny an hour, you would have to have your "Personal Window" active for 10,000 hours (more than thirteen years at the current rate) before you could request a payment. Needless to say, I'm opting out of the Premium Partner status and remaining a member only to "keep tabs" on the program. If you want to try it, Good Luck!! I hope they're still around when you try to cash out!!
Referral code: adc
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Available now!! Sign up download, and start earning anytime you're connected and using your computer. Currently, ePIPO pays $.35/hour (max. 35 hours/month) in double-banner mode (1024x768 display) or $.20/hour (max. 60 hours/month) in single-banner mode. Get paid for five referral levels (matching time required); available internationally; 13-18 year olds must attest to having parental permission. Minimum payment amount $24.00 Your current earnings are displayed on the banner!!
Referral code: amby
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This one is also available for immediate download, and I've been paid, so it's real.... GetPaid4 pays for up to 75 hours per month while you are doing ANYTHING on the computer (as long as you're "connected"); you get paid for your referral's time even if you aren't surfing YOURSELF... so it's an especially good deal. Monthly payout rates vary and there's a $2/month maintenance fee deducted from your earnings each month. Typical pay rate is $.35 - $.40/hour!!
Referral code: amby
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Win up to $25,000 per day (or a $5,000 referral bonus, if you referred the jackpot winner). Or you can choose to participate in the ORIGINAL (now called the alternative rewards program) and earn your country's current hourly rate for the time you are surfing online with the viewbar loaded, plus cash for your direct referrals and indirect referrals (down five levels) who are NOT participating in the sweepstakes that month. Be sure to read ALL the fine print before making your choice.
Referral code: CGD-860      More info
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Make dollars, not dimes! ePilot!
Get $5.00 for signing up; earn money everytime you use this search engine or sign up for free offers. Refer others and get $2.00 plus get paid whenever they search, too!!
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Online?? Get paid for up to 4 hours/day: 120 hours/month!! Bar resides at the bottom of the screen; occasional pop-up messages appear and must be clicked on to verify that you are there at your computer. Monthly pay-out rates vary depending on the advertising revenues received.
Referral code: amby
Join Now   [new window] - The future of online advertising
You can now... be entertained, be in control and be paid! Make AT LEAST $20 an hour just for watching ads on your computer!! The ads are like short mini-commercials... and, as this catches on with advertisers, you'll have more and more opportunities to watch and cash in!! Refer others and earn when they view ads, too!! MacIntosh version expected in Fall, 2000.
Referral code: 10702991
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Dock the ProfitZONE at the top or bottom of your screen and get paid for all your time online. Just click on Continue (when it appears once every 25-35 minutes) to verify that you're still there at your computer. DesktopDollars pays you a percentage of the revenue based on the number of ads that you and your referrals view. NOTE: You don't even have to use the ProfitZONE yourself in order to earn money from your referrals.
Referral code: amby
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Check out this profitable opportunity!! Get paid for a variety of activities anytime you're connected to the internet. Available internationally - five referral levels - NO TIME LIMITS!! When you sign up, finish browsing through their site BEFORE you fill in the application form (otherwise you'll have to do it all over again...). Small file; quick download; easy setup!!
Referral code: amby
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The new version is now ready for downloading.... contact me if you signed up previously and are waiting for an email to download pIggy. They pay for unlimited hours of use and there's even a special refugee program for people who already belong to another get-paid-to-surf program!! The ValuePay Refugee Program allows you to earn even more without giving up any of your current programs, benefits or referral network. To sign up as a 'Refugee' just mark the Are you a Refugee? box at the bottom of the registration page.
Referral code: kenzie
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Want to collect or send money online instantly? Pay your rent, split the restaurant bill, collect contributions easily AND get paid for doing it. Check out and make credit card transactions online at no cost. Sign up now, register a valid card and get a $5 credit!! PLUS get $5 for each person you refer (no limit)!!!
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Not only can you join and promote the programs included on this page, you can also create links to other merchant sites and get paid for visitors you refer. Since each program is different, be sure to read the agreements carefully.

Affiliate Recruiters
Do you have a website? If so, the Affiliate Information Center enables you to easily locate and apply to the affiliate programs for any of the merchants using beFree. You'll be able to consolidate log-ins, create links, generate reports, and keep track of everything all in one place.
Top Merchants Links

LinkShare Referral Program
Different merchants utilize different affiliate programs, so be sure to check the ones available here, too. Select programs, create links, and view reports using a single log-in.
Already a member? Check your account, now:

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Be part of The Gold Mine, Cybergold's Affiliate Program
Cybergold provides numerous cash-earning opportunities. Check out these affiliate programs available through Commision Junction.

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