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When I initially joined, I was skeptical, but figured I'd see... now that I've received money, I believe them!! They really DO pay for each hour that you are online with their viewbar loaded. is available all around the world. When I joined, there was a L-O-N-G wait for viewbars, but now there is NO delay -- you can sign up, download and install the viewbar, and start earning immediately!!

The viewbar is not especially large or annoying; it can be positioned at the top or bottom of your computer screen, and you can choose when to have the viewbar operational (it closes with one click). You DO have to be using a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system.

The AllAdvantage Viewbar The AllAdvantage  Viewbar
Currently, different countries get paid for different amounts of time (at the moment, in the US, you get paid for the first 20 hours of viewbar use each month). You can check your account to see how many hours you have logged and your current earnings (you can also close the viewbar for the rest of the month once you hit the magic number...).

....Another benefit of belonging to AllAdvantage.... Windows 95/98 users can download the software and get McAfee VirusScan updates for just $.50/month - no rebate hassles, either. Keep your computer safe and pay for the most up-to-date virus protection just by using the viewbar for one hour a month!!

The REALLY neat thing is that you also can "refer" people (you get paid for the time THEY are online and also for the people THEY refer... for several additional levels unless they opt for the sweepstakes, in which case you get a bonus if they win... provided you've been using your surf bar).

I've always been suspicious of "pyramid" schemes, but -what the heck- I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this, since it was free. Now, since I have been paid, I know it's NOT a scam. The viewbar shows banner-style ads for reputable advertisers (some have been quite interesting). And they really DO pay you (if only they did that with TV commercials)!!

Anyway, you may want to check it out. I'd (of course) be thrilled if you follow my coded link so I get credit for the referral if you do decide to sign up. And no, you don't "lose anything" yourself by being downline (the deal is the same either way, but if you follow my link I'll be grateful AND you'll be helping to support these sites).

For more info, check the Frequently Asked Questions or go ahead and join NOW:

Please let me know what you think of it. And, if you like AllAdvantage, be sure to check out the OTHER Get-Paid-to-Surf programs, too.


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