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At the national level, about 45,000 Mensans can attend special events, join many special interest groups, and receive attractive membership benefits.

Yet, it is within the more than 140 local groups that Mensans have the greatest opportunity for social interaction and mental stimulation.

Join Mensa and become a part of a group where you can experience:
"There is no such thing as a stereotypical Mensa member. We have members from all walks of life."
Manalapan (NJ)

Within a local group, you can meet people with different employment, educational, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Mensans range in age from three to nearly 100 years old.
"Mensa is not a bunch of stuffed-shirt knowledge snobs that hang around and try to see who is the smartest."
Newburgh (IN)

Throughout Mensa, there is a sense of intellectual equality. At activities, members do not sit around comparing test scores. If playing games, members do not gloat in victory--unless competing against a friend.
"You will sometimes hear unusual ideas; you will sometimes hear some very good ideas, you will sometimes hear some very bad ideas; but you hardly ever hear a boring idea."
New Orleans (LA)

During conversation at a Mensa activity, you will likely hear a variety of ideas and opinions on many topics. One constant is that there will most likely be some humorous or entertaining twist to that idea or opinion.
"I grew up very intimidated, but when I joined Mensa I finally could relax, be myself and be comfortable with people who did not look at me with suspicion because of my intelligence"
Denver (CO)

Once people join Mensa, many members express a feeling that they have found a home or a family. Because of their high intelligence, many members have felt isolated at times. However, they are now associated with people who can under stand their intelligence and even "get" their jokes.
"It's like any other gathering of friends, except all of these friends have high IQs."
Waltham (MA)

At the local group level, activities vary from group to group and are planned on a regular basis. An activity might be a game night, social or guest speaker. A local group may host a regional gathering, where activities include competitions, speakers, dances and much more. These events extend an entire weekend. Each year, there are over 40 regional gatherings as well as the national Annual Gathering.
"Your local group newsletter keeps you up-to-date on what's going on in your nearby Mensa neighborhood."
Ames (IA)

Local groups publish monthly newsletters. Each newsletter varies from group to group. All newsletters include event calendars; many include challenging puzzles, humorous commentaries, informative articles, creative writing and noteworthy member information.
"In Mensa, you are not restricted to a single interest. If your special interest is not there, find someone with a similar interest and start your own interest group."
North Hollywood (CA)

Special interest groups are started and maintained by members who share a common interest. There are over 150 national special interest groups that range from Creative Mischief to Webheads to Bridge to Scuba. These groups communicate and meet on a periodic basis. Locally, many groups have their own interest groups.
"All in all, this is a great group of people. I enjoy being with them, and I enjoy listening to them."
Jacksonville (FL)

Mensa has brought a lot of happiness to many people. As members of the High IQ Society, Mensans are challenged intellectually, while they have the chance to make some lifelong relationships.

Mensa Logo Where Do I Go from Here?

As a multifaceted society, Mensa has much to offer you as a member.

For an application and more information about how you can join American Mensa, please contact the National Office:

American Mensa, Ltd.
1229 Corporate Drive West
Arlington, TX 76006-6103
(817) 607-0060   fax: (817) 649-5232

1-800-66MENSA ext. 9702

Mensa Logo Try Some of Our Puzzles

Many Mensans love to tackle mental puzzles like the ones below. Admittedly, they're not easy. But if you can solve them, you might be one of the five million Americans eligible for Mensa.

Enjoy the puzzles!!

Answers are included...

  1. What is a common word in the English language that contains three consecutive sets of double letters?

  2. Fill in the missing number. Follow the same logic as the other examples.

    E L C H N
    20   ?   12 32 56

  3. Unscramble the letters in the box below and supply the missing letter to make a nine-letter word.

    I I L
    L ? R
    D A S

  4. Which is correct: 9 x 9 are 82; or 9 x 9 is 82?

  5. Which is more: the number of seconds in 1,000 minutes or the number of feet in 100 miles?

  6. What phrase does this drawing represent?


Puzzles provided by Abbie Sainy, Ed.D., Mensa's supervisory psychologist and noted author of quiz books.

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