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Blankie   by Carole McIntyre
Catcall   by Carole McIntyre
Gray in the Dark   by Carole McIntyre

FIXIT   by Hank Roll
Mr. Fixit - Spring Cleaning   by Hank Roll
In Quest of the Platinum Piggy   by Hank Roll

Quickmud   by Chris Sartori
Extreme Composting   by Chris Sartori
Turkey Call   by Chris Sartori
Father's Day   by Chris Sartori
Scrumptious Supper-In Under 10 Miles!   by Chris Sartori
Hilda   by Chris Sartori
Pumpkin Problems   by Chris Sartori
Psycho Skipper   by Chris Sartori
Winter Harvest   by Chris Sartori
A Really Good Gift   by Chris Sartori

Yes, Mary, The Y2K Bug Really Is The End Of The World   by Chester B. Smith

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