Visualizing The Future--Today

Mini-bike course is ride to adventure
By Katherine Keniston
Corvallis Gazette-Times, Monday March 3, 1975
Martin Kimeldorf  

Seated aside a mini-bike, NYPUM creator Martin Kimeldorf gives the youngsters a lesson in interior decorating during a lab.
The mysteries of mufflers and carburetors aren't quite so mysterious anymore. Neither is the problem of how to fill some of those free hours of adolescence.
          The Y Round Table, a service program at Oregon State University, is using mini-bikes as a vehicle for giving youngsters an experience that's fun, educational and positive. In the program, a selected group of youngsters spends spare hours riding mini-bikes and learning all the mechanical intricacies that make them purr.
          But there's more to it than mini-bikes. Now the program has shifted gears.
          Started in the fall of 1973 as a riding activity, the program this school year has headed off into new directions--career education, culture, athletics, field trips in the community. It's called NYPUM (National Youth Project Using Mini-Bikes): Alternative Education Project.
          The program was created "for kids who don't have all the advantages and opportunities that some other kids have," said Martin Kimeldorf, creator of the expanded program. "It gives the youngsters an opportunity to explore the world about them in exciting ways," he said.
          Financed by the Y Round Table, the program is staffed by OSU students who earn academic credit for their work. Most of the students, including Kimeldorf, are Industrial Education majors.

As this article relates, I began to integrate various disciplines in 1974. My next interdisciplinary effort lead to the production of a one-act play, The Square Root Blues, written for a math class. Twenty years later most schools now promote integrated or interdisciplinary programs as part of their reform efforts. Anticipating the future is a gift I cherish.

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