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The Grandfriends Project

A Program Creating Friendships Across The Generations

Student Workbook By Martin Kimeldorf
Grandfriend (Gran’frend) n. [based on root words Grand + Friend]
1. A young and older person who befriend each other.   2. A person you know well or are fond of.   3. A volunteer or mentor to another generation

Table of Contents

Introduction   4
Chapter 1— Basic Training 6
Chapter 2— How We Change As We Age 15
Chapter 3— Rules, Regulations, Precautions 21
Chapter 4— Listening And Interviewing Techniques 25
Chapter 5— Making A Memory Book Gift 35
Chapter 6— Ideas For Expanding The Project 40
Chapter 7— Stereotypes, Ageism and The Alternatives 43
Chapter 8— CD-ROM & Online Research 47
Chapter 9— Stages Of Aging 53
Chapter 10— Words Like “Young” & “Old” 59
Chapter 11— Consider A Career Helping Grandfriends 63
Chapter 12— Journal & Final Report Writing Guide 68

Americans 65 and older number about 33 million in the 1990s and will double by the year 2030! They spend over 300 billion dollars a year on health care. These numbers spell out the words "challenge" and "opportunity." The Grandfriend Project manual prepares today's students to respond to future community needs, and tomorrow's emerging jobs. This manual has received praise from staff in geriatric services and education.

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