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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

Introduction to the Staff Materials

A - TABLE OF CONTENTS, Grandfriend Project Leader's Guide
This document introduces you to the contents of the support or guide book for the Grandfriend Project. This is a companion booklet to the student workbook. It is written for educators and care-giving staff. This 50 page booklet is entitled "PROJECT LEADER'S GUIDE FOR THE GRANDFRIENDS PROJECT, A Program Creating Friendships Across The Generations."

Selected items from this book have been excerpted and are listed below. The table of contents is included in this collection and the parts excerpted for this library are hyperlinked.

B - Intro to school staff
This introduction is written to educators wanting to start an intergenerational program. Grandfriends Program Guide

C - Educational goals
This short document lists potential goals for an intergenerational project.

D - Intro for residential staff
This introduction is written to the residential staff wanting to link up with a school to form an intergenerational partnership. Teachers should read this too.

E - Planning steps and strategies
What should you consider before beginning an intergenerational project? This document contains a comprehensive list of questions and planning strategies you should consider as you start up your project.

F - Start-up list
This is a comprehensive checklist for organizing your project from beginning to end. It includes checkpoints for pre-planning, nursing home orientation, fine tuning, recruiting students and seniors, and culminating events.

G - Touring a nursing home
What could your first tour be like in a nursing home? This spells it out. You can share this with the nursing home staff as well.

H - Background about online research
This document provides background for instructors regarding conducting Internet searches on the topic of aging. It correlates with chapters in the student workbook.

I - Sample invite letter
This is a sample of the letter introducing the Grandfriend Project in my school. I use in high school; it is sent home. You can adapt it to your age group and program.

J - Start up schedule/letter
This letter is really a staff memo describing how the program will run, contact phone numbers, and the beginning sequence.

K - Sample Permission slip
You generally need to get parental permission before a student enters a program such as the Grandfriends. This document details what might go in the form letter.

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