To solve problems with multiple operations, use the correct order of operations. This may help you remember the sequence:

Please   Excuse   My Dear   Aunt Sally.


Parentheses (or other groupings) are first,
Do operation(s) inside the (PARENTHESES) first.


Exponents are next,
Work on any POWERS or ROOTS from left-to-right.

M, D

Then Multiplication or Division:
Complete each, as it occurs, working from left-to-right.

A, S

Finally, Addition or Subtraction:
Complete these operations as they appear, working from left-to-right.


Please copy and solve this problem on your paper:

5 + 3(6 + 4) =

Click on your answer:
18 27 35 39 80 150
any other answer

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Overview of the Order of Operations

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