When you have more than one operation in a math problem, you must solve it following the correct ORDER OF OPERATIONS.

  • First, copy the problem EXACTLY.  
  • Then go through each level of operations:  
    Multiply or Divide
    Add or Subtract
    My Dear
    Aunt Sally

  • Do the operations within each level from left-to-right.  
  • Write the answer directly below the operation sign.  
  • Do not 're-use' any numbers.  


Please solve this problem on separate paper then follow the instructions based on your answer. You may find it helpful to double-check that you have copied the numbers and symbols exactly as they appear before you begin your computation.

3 + 4 * 6 =

Click on your answer:
42 27 13
any other answer

Order of Operations Automatic Flip-Through SLIDE SHOW

Overview of the Order of Operations

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