These materials are designed to help you practice solving problems using the correct ORDER OF OPERATIONS.

After solving each problem in this tutorial, you will click on your answer and go to another page where you will be told if your answer was correct. If you made an error, you will be given specific information, perhaps with examples, to help you improve your skills. Although this format is intended to provide systematic instruction based on your specific needs, there may still be times when you will want to ask a friend or an instructor for clarification.

Now, begin the tutorial or try the pre-test to access your skills.

Please note, these materials will appear in a separate no-frills browser window. When you have finished, just close that window; this one will still be here waiting for you.

If you find any, please report glitches to the author.
Tutorial Pre-test

Order of Operations Automatic Flip-Through SLIDE SHOW

Overview of the Order of Operations

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