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Applied Math / Simulations

Edustock is designed to teach people of all ages about the stock market. It includes:

The Diet Problem: An Application of Linear Programming
Check-off the foods you're willing to eat and the program will find the cheapest combination of them meeting a person's daily nutritional requirements. Provides numbers of servings, cost, percentages of nutrients from different sources, etc. in both table and pie chart form.
PLEASE consult your doctor before embarking on any diet -- especially one, for example, including 10 servings of Air-Popped Popcorn!!
Argonne National Laboratory -- Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Exact Change, Please
This children's finance game requires you to click on the correct combination of bills and coins to match the given amount. The easy game keeps a running total, the hard game requires the player to keep track of the amount entered.
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions

Math Games & Puzzles

Enter a range of numbers  (for example from 1 to 50)   then press Start.
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The JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts provided by
The JavaScript Source

The Backwards Guessing Game
This is a Java applet so you can play against the computer online. The computer selects a number between 1 and 1000 and you must "guess it"; the computer will tell you if your guess is too high, too low, or correct. Space is provided to write notes, and the total number of guesses is displayed. Use The Super Guessing Game to see the computer's strategy for guessing YOUR secret number.
Jordan Hiller

Practice counting while developing point-n-click skills with the mouse. The java applet will only draw the lines when numerical order is followed; when all the dots are connected the picture will appear in color. Several different drawings are available.
Lyndsey's Mania

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
This site is filled with a wide variety of challenging and enjoyable math activities. See if you can solve these Interactive Math Games; try your skill at the geometric Eye Opener Series. Can you beat the computer at The Game of Fif, or figure out the solution to the Four Knights? Try the classic puzzle, The Tower of Hanoi; you can set the number of disks yourself to make the puzzle easier or more difficult (the recurrsive solution is included). Don't worry -- if you get stuck on one there are many others to try! See if you can figure out which types of puzzles are easiest for you to solve... which skills do they require? Then compare them to the puzzles that are more mind-boggling for you. And remember, what's obvious to one person may be confusing to the next. . . .
Alexander Bogomolny

Autocrazy (aka. Car Jam)
Try this RUSH HOUR-style Java Applet -- see if you can "free" the white car trapped in the gridlock. To move the cars and trucks, click once on the end of the vehicle facing the spot to which it will move.
Karl Hornell

Traffic Jam
Check out this Applet by Michael Morton -- can you solve the puzzle? The Math Forum also provides instructions, discussion suggestions for the teacher or student activity leaders, and examples of approaches to the activity, as well as an opportunity to share ideas online.
The Kids Educational Activity Center

Three Door Puzzle
An exceptionally well-constucted interactive simulation of the Monty Hall Let's Make a Deal puzzle. In addition to the game simulation, a creative method of solution is provided as well as a generalization to N-doors.
Sky Coyote

Mathematical Games, Toys, and Puzzles
Warning!! You will find huge chunks of time vanishing mysteriously while you visit this site -- there are a vast number of links to an overwhelming array of sites....
Jeff Erickson

A Primer on Cryptarithmetic
Learn about these fascinating puzzles and get step-by-step strategies and tips for solving them. Then try your hand at this collection of 60 Best Cryptarithms (don't worry -- the answers are included if you get stuck!!). Other resources and links are provided.
Jorge A C B Soares
Try the world's most famous cryptarithm:

S E N D  
+ M O R E  
M O N E Y  


Java Puzzle Collection
Provides some fascinating puzzles with instructions and background info; including:
Eagle I. Berns

Triple Quintzee
This Java Applet is an outstanding game based on Milton Bradley's Yahtzee. Play online and (if you register) see if you can get on the High Score List. Instructions and scoring tips are also provided. Your knowledge of probability will be tested!!
Aaron Fuegi

Math Software
Several shareware programs available, including:
Hank Hufnagel

BINO: The Computer Math Card Game
If you want to have fun AND learn the binary number system used in computers, this game is for you!! Read the instructions and look at the pages of sample hands and scoring instructions; includes links to other resources.
Quid Novi Web Design

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions


How to make an Origami Crane
Clear step-by-step instructions with photos. If you've been afraid to try the art of paper folding before, you might find that this page works for you!!
Aidan C. Dysart

Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Learn about Origami (the art of paper folding) on this beautiful and informative site; explore the Galleries, search for Information, check out the collection of Diagrams, or follow the Links to other sites.
Joseph Wu

Helen's Origami Index
Very interesting and useful resources including patterns and instructions for creating polygons and tessalations using Origami; in-depth questions are also posed, making this a feast for the creative mind.
H. A. Verrill

Money Origami
Learn how to fold artistic creations out of currency!! Includes step-by-step instructions and excellent illustrations (as well as links to other sites). All you need is some "folding money" and you'll be able to amaze and impress your friends with an astonishing array of goodies, such as:
Clay Randall

3-D Origami
A Paper Folding Project, graciously donated by Paul Heaberli, showing how to create a really neat three-dimensional object that can be folded flat and mailed to a friend, etc. Other Projects are also available, including

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions


logo Here is a breath-taking look at the beautiful product line of original tiling sets and strategy games from Kadon, whose specialty is the development of "combinatorial" geometric sets.
Kadon Enterprises, Inc.

The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections
the complete text of Stewart T. Coffin's book is reproduced along with Java applets to illustrate many of the properties of polyhedra.
John Rausch

Polyhedra Hyperpages
Outstanding descriptions of polyhedra along with clear step-by-step directions for constructing your own!! Includes an easy-to-follow pictoral essay on The Platonic Solids; the gorgeous ray-traced illustrations are available on the FTP site.
Tom Gettys

Virtual Polyhedra
This self-contained site provides an easy-to-explore tutorial, reference works and articles, classroom ideas, and an object library with an amazing collection of over 1000 virtual reality polyhedra.
George W. Hart

Diane Coates' Homepage
Lesson plans for projects (ie. performance tasks): Geometry Collage, Logic Advertisement, Tessellations, Scale Drawings, Building Polyhedra, and Line Designs;
Paper entitled Alternative Assessments to Reflect a Changing Mathematics Curriculum.
Diane Coates

pentominoes applet Try out this Java applet and play with the pentominoes online!! Can you solve the puzzle??
Robert Simms

Select a 3x20, 4x15, 5x12 or 6x10 rectangle and fill it with the twelve pentominoes; the pieces may be freely moved, rotated and flipped over using the mouse. See if you can find one of the over 2000 possible solutions to the 6x10 puzzle....
Rujith de Silva

WebOOG -- The Object Orientation Game
Form the shape in each puzzle by manipulating the tangram pieces; easy to understand instructions, full mouse control of shapes, and a hint option make this an exceptionally engaging puzzle-game.
MCM Productions

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions


A page of Fractals created using Fractint software (available to download).
Virtual School for the Gifted

Kaleidoscope Painter
Use this Java applet to create beautiful kaleidoscopic pictures while exploring symmetry, reflection, and geometry.
F. Permadi

Fractals -- An Introduction
Read about Fractals and how they are generated, then check out a bit of Fractal Math and numerous examples. Other Educational Java Programs are also available.
Jacobo Bulaevsky

IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences hosts this gallery of images created by students. Remarkable designs!! Get inspirations for your creations, or just admire these.
Marc Frantz, Research Associate for Instructional Technology; IUPUI

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

  What do you see?
What do you see?

Magic Eye
View the latest Newspaper Feature, the Stereogram of the Week or look at samples of previous work (including info about the design goal). Increase your concentration and develop your visual perception skills while having FUN!!
Magic Eye, Inc.

Optical Illusions
 SandlotScience provides a fascinating collection of Optical Illusions, and Interactive Java Demonstrations; including:
  °   Impossible Objects
°   Ambiguous Figures
°   Distortion Illusions
°   Aftereffects/Afterimages
°   Contrast/Contour Effects
°   Camouflage
°   Text and Numbers
°   Games and Puzzles

IllusionWorks Hall of Illusions
IllusionWorks provides this mind-boggling array of puzzles and sensory effects (with explanations) to help people better understand how the human mind works. There is also an Introductory Level available.

Applied Math / Simulations
Games & Puzzles
Optical Illusions
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