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About Ferals

The Little Tabby Who Begged for Help
PLEASE READ THIS!! Then do something to help -- get your own cats spayed & neutered; convince your neighbors, relatives, friends, AND strangers to do likewise; support the efforts of individuals and organizations . . .   you CAN make a difference!!
Marcelle Thompson

One Voice is Quiet; Thousands Can Be Heard
Read Tigger's Story -- one of the Singapore Kitties, now living in Canada.

Sparky needs YOUR help! Please Help Sparky
Peacock's friends are on another mission of mercy; this page provides background info, links to other resources, as well as the specifics of THIS case:
  • Who is Sparky?
  • Why Import a Stray Cat from Singapore?
  • Can We Help?
Aleta Clayton

It's Only a Cat... Andy's Story
Find out why Feral Cat Rescue is so rewarding (and frustrating); learn more about feral cats; read Andy's Story. Also provides info about how to subscribe to the Rescue-Cat mailing list along with additional links to online resources.
Lin Robinson and Cinnamon Muhlbauer

AVMA Position on Abandoned and Feral Cats
The AVMA encourages and supports actions to eliminate the problem of abandoned and/or feral cats. This page includes additional specific info.
American Veterinary Medical Association

Feral Cat Coalition
... an organization that traps and spays/neuters feral cats, then returns them to their caretakers. Provides facts, ways to become involved, and LINKS to additional information (including Fact Sheets from Alley Cat Allies and Articles by Sarah Hartwell).
Feral Cat Coalition

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
This group is dedicated to humanely reducing Oregon's Feral Cat Population through spaying and neutering and educating the public about the plight of Feral Cats. Site includes lots of info, clinic schedule, etc.
The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

The Feral Cat Connection
This group of volunteers in Houston (Texas) is creating a network of individuals who share the common goal of loving and caring for feral cats and kittens and offering them a chance for the best life possible.
Karen A. Skelding

Feral Cats
Article about one individual's efforts to care for feral cats.
San Francisco SPCA

Thoughts of a Feral
A poem by Annette Easdon.
Pet Action League Notebook

It Matters To This One
Read this poem if you ever start to doubt that your rescue efforts are worthwhile!
Adapted for the sheltie-list by Joyce Goldman starfish

The Starfish Story
Traditional - this is the full version for cat lovers!! Also see MOGGYCAT'S CAT PAGES for a wealth of other inspirational stories, useful information, etc.
Moggy Cat

KitKat's Singapore Hedge Cats
Read the eloquent memorial to THE STRAYS OF SINGAPORE! Read her true not-just-for-children's story: Little Missy as well as Missy's Story which inspired it. Then learn how YOU can build an internet animal welfare campaign.
Janalee Faucher

By Feral, do you mean wild????
What is a Feral Cat colony and how on earth do they ever get started? Just one more example of why spaying and neutering is so essential!
The Homeless Cat Network

What is a Feral Cat?
Information about the The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project in Seattle, WA provided by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society.
The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

Feral Cat Behavior - Why Do Cats Sniff Butts?
This article about cat behavior was written by Jack Carter and is based on his years of experience with feral cat colonies as well as research he has conducted.
Jack Carter / Animal Friends Online

The Day in a Feral Cat's Life
The second article in the series on Feral Cat Behavior describes the typical day in the life of a feral cat; includes suggestions for caretakers of colonies.
Jack Carter

Stalking a Mouse . . .
The third article in the series on Feral Cat Behavior describes the hunting behavior of a feral cat.
Jack Carter

Cat Territorial Markings
The fourth article in the series on Feral Cat Behavior describes the marking behavior of feral cats and also provides insight into scratching, rubbing and urine marking by "tame" cats, as well.
Jack Carter

Cat Over-Population
The fifth article in the series on Feral Cat Behavior discusses typical colony size and the issues impacting it, as well as addressing the human element and the critical issue of pet over-population.
Jack Carter  


Mary's Haven
Photos of this haven for feral cats in Stafford, Virginia; clearly shows many specific design features which make this home especially useful and feline-friendly.
hosted by Peacock's Aleta Clayton

WildCats Village
A special Feature on Best Friends' home for feral cats. Take a virtual tour of this inspiring facility; perhaps someday YOU will help establish this kind of heavenly haven for ferals in your area!!
Best Friends Sactuary

The Backyard Fence
While not specifically for ferals, this fence design may give you some ideas of ways to provide a safe haven for any cats who are ever outside.
Lisaviolet's Cat House

Do-It-Yourself Cat Fence
Instructions for building a cat fence (or adding to an existing one), from a Fact Sheet by Alley Cat Allies. Please remember that cats are still "in danger" in a backyard if unsupervised; so, if you're considering this for your indoor kitties, keep an eye on them just as you would with toddlers!! Remember: the fence may keep your cats IN, but it may not keep other beasties (or people) OUT.
Feral Cat Coalition

How to Build Your Own Cat Shelter/Feeding Station
This is a clearly written set of directions for making a basic cat shelter/feeding station, including a list of required materials and necessary tools. Several of these are currently in use by Friends of Campus Cats at the University of Washington.
Matthew Moore

Feeding Ferals
Article about Rita & Nic Deroche, two of the first pioneers of the trap/alter/return approach to caring for feral cats.
Happy Household Pet Cat Club (HHPCC)

The Cat People
Read about this organizations efforts, including: The Cat People's Colonies Assistance Program and The Feral Cat Care and Feeding Program.
The Cat People


Caring for Orphaned Kittens

Sue Freeman's Guide to Orphaned Kittens
Brief overview with important advice for dealing with orphaned, nursing kittens. Also see the Guide to Rescue Cats for more info and guidelines for the novice cat rescue person.
Sue Freeman

Orphan Kitten Care FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about caring for orphan kittens. Includes EVERYTHING you need to know to serve as a kitty's Mama (except how to purr)!! Includes info on evaluating the kitty's condition, feeding and elimination, etc.
Sharon Talbert

How do you raise a newborn?
Jeri Dopp's informative article will, hopefully, convince you that YOU CAN! Includes EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully serve as a foster mom or dad.
The Homeless Cat Network

Hand Raising Tiny Kittens
Needless to say, the best one to raise kittens is their own mother (or another cat), but if YOU are the designated "Mama Cat" you may find these tips and suggestions helpful. Includes; how to build an incubator; how to feed, stimulate elimination, and deal with diarrhea or constipation; introduce solid food, etc.
Foothill Felines

Adopting Abandoned Kittens
Step-by-step suggestions for what to do if you find abandoned kittens. A wealth of other Cat Care Tips are also available, including detailed info about Kitten Development.

Kitten Fostering and Ownership Handbook
Great suggestions for fostering or rescue work; includes: What to do first, recipes for emergency kitten formula, the basics of cat care, as well as how to maintain the health of cats and kittens who are already healthy.
Carolyn McCray, DVM

Orphan Kittens
These tips for orphaned kitten care are provided by FFGW, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of homeless cats and kittens in the metropolitan Washington DC community.
The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc.

Caring for Newborns & Orphans
this page provides an annotated collection links on raising orphan kittens, socializing feral kittens, weaning, etc. as well as important considerations when raising very young, motherless kittens.
Linda Tally


Rehabilitation and Taming

How to Help a Feral Cat in Houston
Includes excellent info for ANYONE dealing with ferals; includes tips for trapping, low-cost spay/neuter (and why kitty abortion is the HUMANE choice for pregnant cats). The section, TAMING A FERAL CAT, provides an excellent overview of how to tame feral kittens and (YES!!) even adult ferals; you can also read about Scaredy Cat's progress.
Julie Grob

Taming Feral Kittens
This article, in Question-Answer format, addresses many concerns expressed by a feral kitten rescuer and provides insight into the typical behavior of young ferals as they become socialized during the early weeks and months of life.
Jack Carter

Rehab of a Stray
Several important pointers on taking in a stray as well as background info from personal experience.

My Feral Cats
Read the history of Nancy's ferals and learn some valuable lessons from her experiences.
Nancy Pilotte

Handling Difficult Cats
An experienced Animal Friends volunteer shares her expertise in methods useful in socializing very scared cats.
Marsi J. Chambers from the Animal Friends TAIL-O-GRAM (Vol. 96 Issue 4)

Trapping/Socializing - Can you do it?
Of-course you can! Here are some suggestions for how to do it!! Includes some tricks for trapping those "tough to catch" kitties successfully, as well as specific hints for socializing a kitty if you choose to make it an indoor family member instead of returning it to its colony.
Jeri Dopp

Feral Cats To Lap Cats Using TT.E.A.M. / TTOUCH
This article describes an approach for socializing ferals using TTOUCH.
Mary Lynn Schmidt

Taming Feral Kittens
Useful guidelines for taming feral kittens and coping with poorly socialised domestic kittens and cats.
Sarah Hartwell/Cats Protection League

Bach Flower Essences A Reference Guide
This article by Trisha Ballard, DVM helps explain homeopathic treatments and includes a list of a few flower essences and their indications (the famous RESCUE REMEDY appears at the end). Provided by Feral Friends, an all-volunteer, non-profit group based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas dedicated to animal rescue, adoptions, and humane feral cat management.
Feral Friends



Animal Welfare, Rescue, and Shelters
Includes extensive listings on:
  • Breed Rescue
  • Population and Legislative Issues
  • Feral Cats and Trap/Alter/Release
  • Rescue/Shelter Organizations
Cat Fanciers

The Feral Cat Contraceptive Vaccine
A real chance to solve the homeless cat problem -- humanely.
Michelle Meister-Weisbarth, a student at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, has developed a genetically engineered bacterium that can be used as an oral contraceptive to control the unwanted cat population. This page provides info in Q-A format.
Dr. Stephen Boyle

Cutting euthanasias without conflict
This two-part article, published by ANIMAL PEOPLE provides statistics and confirm that the keys to success are first, going where the homeless cats are to do neutering, and second, working to enable renters to adopt cats. Also see:   Part Two: Neuter-release

Homeless Cats and Dogs -- What You Can Do to Help
Addresses some of the concerns about spaying and neutering.
MSPCA Animal Information Center  

Early Spay and Neuter Surgery: My Experiences
An excellent article presenting personal observations as well as detailed information about the benefits of early spay and neuter for all pet kittens.
Lynne Thomas     [Hosted by AllCats]

Early Spay/Neuter In The Cat
Summary of the Winn Foundation project to evaluate the long term effects of early altering, including background and medical issues, helps answer the question: Are fears of negative side effects of early neutering warranted?
The Cat Fanciers' Association

Pet Population Control
Check the resources available on the Animal Friends Site for more ways to help. If you live in the Western Pennsylvania region, there is a low-cost Animal Birth Control program available (call the ABC Center:   1-800 SPAY-PGH). If you live elsewhere, check with Friends of Animals (or call the FoA Hotline:   1-800 321-PETS).
Animal Friends

Low cost or free spay/neuter programs in the U.S.
The Love That Cat Store provides this well-organized state-by-state listing of spay/neuter programs throughout the country; includes addresses and phone numbers.
Lynne Motley

An organization in the New Haven area that provides assistance for feral trap-neuter-release programs (including discounted veterinary services and trap loans). The site includes statistics and information for people interested in assisting feral and stray cats.
Rehab-a-Cat Feral Trap, Neuter & Release Program

Trap, Neuter and Release Program at Carnegie Mellon
Learn about this volunteer organization committed to the humane mangement of the feral cat colonies on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Karen Ferguson / TNR @ CMU

Campus Cat Coalition
.... a volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to stabilize the feral (untamed) cat population on the University of Texas campus by utilizing the nationally known "trap-neuter-return" method.
Campus Cat Coalition The University of Texas at Austin

Friends of Campus Cats
Learn about the rescue work and services provided by this Seattle-based group which is Dedicated to the rescue and humane management of feral cats on the University of Washington campus. Articles and information are provided, including past issues of Up Your Alley, as well as annotated links to other resources. The article, HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CAT SHELTER/FEEDING STATION by Matthew Moore, with a materials list and construction tips, is available.
Sharon Talbert & Diana Dyer

Stanford Cat Network
The Stanford Cat Network is a nonprofit organization comprised of Stanford staff, students, faculty and community volunteers. By agreement with the University, the Stanford Cat Network is responsible for the care of all free-roaming cats on campus. Tame cats can be adopted and unsocialized cats are humanely trapped and sterilized. The Newsletter provides articles and resources as well as a Lost and Found section.
Stanford Cat Network; Stanford University; Palo Alto, California

Our Feral Friends
Peacock provides CURRENT ALERTS, suggestions for dealing humanely with a feral cat colony, listings of resources (including Feral/Stray Support Organizations), and links to sources of additional information on how an aggressive Spay & Neuter program can save lives; includes an example of a working model.
Peacock and Aleta Clayton



What to do with Feral Cats?
Describes how to humanely trap, spay or neuter, vaccinate and release feral cat populations.
The Cat's Meow

Trap, Alter, Return
Excellent overview along with well-organized, hyperlinked resources. Visit WARM FUZZY'S for current feral colony info in Kansas City.
Joyce Maser

Discouraging Roaming Cats
Clear suggestions of humane ways to deal with the problem of stray cats who are offensive or destructive.
Denver Dumb Friends League Animal Behavior Department

Trap - Alter - Release
A report, including statistics and references, showing the fiscal wisdom of spaying/neutering feral cats rather than continually euthanizing their offspring. Based on research conducted by the National Pet Alliance.
The Cat Fanciers' Association

Alley Cat Allies
Advocates a trap-neuter-return program that stabilizes populations, reduces birth rates and improves the overall health of the colony. Site provides info including an excellent article, Guidelines to Trap, Neuter and Return, to inform those currently working with feral cat populations as well as those exploring the possibility.
Alley Cat Allies

Stray Cats & Feral Cats
Havahart provides info concerning the effect of stray cats on the environment and ways to help exclude, remove or repel unowned felines. Includes Trapping Tips as well as instructions for all models of Havahart products. Join the mailing list to get 10% off all purchases from their on-line store!
Woodstream Corporation, makers of Havahart Live Cage Traps

Tomahawk Live Trap
Great prices (including discounts for 6+ traps) and detailed info about their products.
Tomahawk Live Trap

Tru-Catch Animal Traps
Includes the Tru-Catch Instructions (graphics), dimensions, prices and ordering instructions for these high-quality humane traps (ideal for transporting animals, also).
Heart of the Earth Market

Step-by-step instructions for trapping ferals and transporting them for spay/neuter surgery; suggestions are also included for working with mother cats and their kittens.
The Cat Network

Branford Compassion Club
Info about the efforts of this group which provides care for feral cats. Includes a photo essay: Trapping a Feral Cat, as well as the rescue of a feral kitten: Manny's Story.
Branford Compassion Club

How to Care for Feral Cats
A trap/alter/release program for your neighborhood. A complete, printable version of this excellent brochure, including photos, is also available in PDF format.
Faith Maloney / Best Friends Sactuary

Trap - Alter - Release
This report, based on a survey conducted by the National Pet Alliance (NPA), was presented to the Santa Clara County Animal Advisory Commission. It provides clear evidence of the need to trap, neuter and release (rather than euthanize) feral cats.
Franklin and Mary E. Rosenberg

National Pet Alliance - Study Reports
These NPA Studies provide the facts and figures to support the efficacy of such programs as Trap-Test-Alter (TTVAR) in the reduction of pet overpopulation.
National Pet Alliance

The Race To Outpace Feral Cat Over-Population
Text from a symposium presentation by Linda Kelson, Feral Cat Coalition Board Member, which includes a detailed description of the super-efficient, high-volume approach the Feral Cat Colalition (FCC) takes at their monthly sterilization clinics.
Feral Cat Coalition

Cat Licensing: Analysis of Claims
Rebuttal of claims made advocating licensing or otherwise regulating cat ownership.
CAT FANCIERS' ALMANAC:   San Francisco SPCA Position Statement

CAT LICENSING: A Clear and Present Danger
Why cat licensing is a VERY bad idea; includes the reasons proponents advance with clear explanations of why the results will not be as hoped. See the Pet Overpopulation Library for other excellent resources.
CLC Publishing

The American Feral Cat Problem
An article by Sarah Hartwell which advocates "kill the problem, not the cats".
Sarah Hartwell / Feline Advisory Bureau

The Right to Life
Information and links to organizations addressing the problem of homeless cats.
Franny Syufy

Hands-On Handbook -- Feral Cats
Suggests positive approaches to dealing with this challenging issue.
The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Guide to Rescue Cats
Including Lists, Information, and Common Sense.   Sue Freeman provides a clear guide whether you're new or already quite familiar with the issues of dealing with feral cats. Includes useful info on all the aspects from rescuing and taming feral cats and kittens to managing feral colonies.
Sue Freeman

What Volunteers Are Doing To Help Feral Cats
Information about TTVARM projects, including lists of organizations and other resources, that make a difference by adding quality to the lives of friendless felines.
CATS Magazine

Standards for Maintaining Feral Cat Colonies
A successful method for controlling and stabilizing the populations of feral cats is described in detail in this on-line brochure.
The Doris Day Animal League

Friends of Feral Felines
An all-volunteer network of individuals who work to improve the lives of feral, abandoned & stray cat colonies in the Southern Maine area; check out the resources available in the online newsletter, The Advocat, which includes the excellent Confessions of an avid cat fosterer.
Friends of Feral Felines

Street Cat Rescue Program
Find out about this trap/neuter/release program to humanely reduce the suffering of homeless cats in the City of Saskatoon; includes a Chronicle of Events and info about Feral Cat Clinics.
Street Cat Rescue Program

Feral Cats in Hawaii (HI)
Info about HCF's multi-faceted feral cat program in which the cat is spayed/neutered/microchipped, and returned to its environment, where volunteers then provide food and care on a daily basis, including necessary veterinary treatment. Also provides general info about ferals and the futility and inhumanity of euthanasia as a means of population control.
The Hawaii Cat Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii

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