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    Medical, ethical, and behavioral issues
     DECLAWING! What You Need to Know
     Is it harmful to declaw a cat?
     If You Love Your Cat, Don't Declaw!

    Training & Nail Trimming Instructions
     Don't DECLAW: Train & Trim, Instead!

    Construction Instructions


 Plants Toxic to Cats

 Feral Cat Information

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    Do you know someone who needs to be convinced that    
    DECLAWING CATS is NOT a good idea?    
    provides insights into this highly controversial subject:    

    • the procedure (onychectomy),
    • surgical and non-surgical alternatives,
    • behavior training,
    • nail-trimming, and
    • selecting or building scratching posts that cats will use.


    plant plant Worried about plants and your cat?
    provides extensive information including an annotated listing of:
Sites providing info about potentially harmful plants
Listings organized by both "common" (English) and Latin names;
Descriptions of symptoms caused by contact or ingestion;
Pictures and descriptions of plants.

    ivyrule from Claris Home Page

    cat Do-It-Yourself   CAT TREE
    includes a materials list, plans, and step-by-step instructions for building a cat tree. Adapted and reformatted from instructions originally appearing in the June/July 1994 issue of PETA's ANIMAL TIMES including modifications provided by Cat's Haven.

    Natural Scratch

    Not into DO-IT-YOURSELF projects??
      Check this alternative:

    Natural Scratch For Natural Cats
    This is a solid white cedar scratching post system that features an interactive string toy, kitty treats, catnip, and a seven-page training booklet.
    The post stands 24" high and uses a 14" square base -- this provides stability so that your cat won't have the awful experience of digging in and then having the post fall over!! The white cedar provides the tactile sensations preferred by cats PLUS you're not training your kitty to scratch on the carpets!!
    Ted Schaar

    Declawing Resource Section
    provides additional information on:   training your cat,
    trimming nails, and building scratching posts or cat trees.

    What can YOU do about abandoned, homeless cats?
    Feral Cat Information Page
    Amby's Feral Cat Information Page   contains links to resources on:
    • appropriate care
    • medical treatment
    • trap-sterilize-release programs
    • statistics
    • socialization of feral cats
    MacKenzie Look--Alike

    GIF from: Cindy's Free Cat Graphics;
    selected because of its resemblance to our adopted feline, MacKenzie (formerly feral, now friendly).

    Order 'The Cat Who Cried for Help' (paperback)'' from Amazon
    Order 'The Cat Who Cried for Help' (paperback)'' from Amazon

    Need guidance in understanding feline behavior?
    The Cat Who Cried for Help: Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology of Cats     by Nicholas Dodman  

    Order the book from (paperback)

    Order 'The Wild Road' (paperback)'' from Amazon
    Order 'The Wild Road' (paperback)'' from Amazon

    Read any good books lately??
    The Wild Road     by Gabriel King  

    Here's a terrific book... curl up with a cat (or three) and read this generous excerpt
    ...but be forewarned: after you read the prologue and the first chapter you will be hooked!!

    Order the book from (paperback or hardcover)

    Order 'The Golden Cat' (paperback)'' from Amazon
    Order 'The Golden Cat' (paperback)'' from Amazon

    Don't miss the outstanding SEQUEL:
    The Golden Cat     by Gabriel King  

    Tag, the tabby cat, finds himself on another perilous journey in this engaging fairy-tale followup to The Wild Road.

    Also available from (paperback or hardcover)

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