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Accomplishment Worksheet

Accomplishments are an important part of life. They represent your best and show your potential. Accomplishments are also an important part of your job search. They help you keep a positive attitude and are useful when presenting yourself to a potential employer. On the lines below, list as many accomplishments as you can. Include any success in your life - there are no wrong answers. They do not have to be employment related nor did you have to receive any recognition for the accomplishment. However, try to include some accomplishments from past employment. Include ways you improved your job, met a specific challenge or saved time or money. These may have been from your own effort or as part of a team. When stating an accomplishment, it is very effective to use quantitative measures whenever possible. "Successfully managed $500,000 accounts receivables and reduced delinquent accounts by 15 percent" is an example of using quantitative measures.

  1. _________________________________________________________________

  2. _________________________________________________________________

  3. _________________________________________________________________

  4. _________________________________________________________________

  5. _________________________________________________________________

  6. _________________________________________________________________

  7. _________________________________________________________________

  8. _________________________________________________________________

  9. _________________________________________________________________

  10. _________________________________________________________________

  11. _________________________________________________________________

  12. _________________________________________________________________

  13. _________________________________________________________________

  14. _________________________________________________________________

  15. _________________________________________________________________

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