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Bringing It All Together

Review your completed "Skills Matching Worksheet." Evaluate how your skills match the employment skills. Remember, you do not have to match all the skills to be successful in your job search. Consider the transferability of your skills for those employment skills where you have a weak match.

Rita is considering retail sales as an immediate job goal. Her research shows that retail employers require good customer service skills. Customer service is not a skill that she identified. Her past employment as an Inventory Clerk in a warehouse required little customer contact. Yet, in her job she coordinated the distribution of inventory to several departments and worked very closely with staff. This activity, along with her volunteer experience as a School Fund Raiser, demonstrates excellent customer service skills.


This chapter has focused on the need to identify your skills, set job search goals, and match it all to the needs of potential employers. Once you accomplish this, you will be ready to begin your job search. These efforts are important to job search success. They will help you organize your job search, write resumes, complete applications, interview, and negotiate the best job offer.

Additional Exercises and Resources

BulletAccomplishment Worksheet

BulletHow Others See Me

BulletOccupational Titles

BulletJob Skills; Self Management Skills; Transferable Skills

These exercises and resources will help you to complete the worksheets in this section and better prepare you for your job search.

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