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Generally, employers are not in the business of career development. Although many employers are interested in the career goals of their employees, the needs of the organization are their first priority. For a successful job search it is critical that you match your skills and goals to the needs of the employer.

At this point you should have identified your skills and established your immediate job goal. Now you need to connect this information with the needs of potential employers. The following worksheets will help guide you through this effort. Once you have completed the exercises, analyze how your skills match up to the needs of potential employers. If you do not match most of the required skills and many of the desired skills, you may need to re-think your job goal.

You do not have to match all of the skills needed for an occupation to pursue that occupation. The best candidates for a job rarely match all of the requirements of an employer. Many factors go into the hiring process - including personality and motivation. The most successful job seekers may not be the most qualified. Those who demonstrate the desired qualities sought by employers are the ones who will ultimately succeed.

"The important thing is not
where you are,
but where you are going."

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