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Values Checklist

Work related values are a part of setting job search goals. Decide what working conditions are important to you.


  1. Check the box next to those conditions that you would like in a job. Add additional values on the blank lines.

  2. Draw a line through those conditions that you would not like in a job.

_____Independence _____Retirement Benefits _____Size of Employer
_____Competence _____Health Benefits _____Diversity
_____Creativity _____Other Benefits _____Organizational Structure
_____Challenge _____Flexible Schedule _____Relocation
_____Status _____Shift; 1st, 2nd or 3rd _____Quality Environment
_____Position _____Regular Work Week _____Decision Making
_____Security _____Recognition _____Work Under Pressure
_____Variety _____Travel ________________________
_____Pace, Fast or Slow _____Public Transportation ________________________
_____Excitement _____Work Alone ________________________
_____Commuting Distance _____Work on a Team ________________________
_____Public Contact _____Formal Environment ________________________
_____Wage _____Casual Environment ________________________
_____Power _____Learning Opportunities ________________________
_____Respect _____Skill Building ________________________
_____Authority _____Career Enhancement ________________________

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