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Goal setting is an important part of a successful job search. It is critical that you take the time to establish clear job search goals. This takes research and an honest self-assessment. You may want to consider talking to a professional career counselor and taking career tests (aptitude, interest and personality). You will certainly want to research the labor market.

We will focus on the goal of employment, the job that you plan to pursue right now. However, your immediate need for employment should be a step in your long term career plans.

As you explore your job search goal, you will be considering criteria for the ultimate job. You will be reaching for the best. Throughout the process a healthy dose of reality is important. Remember your goals must be attainable. If you find your dream job is not immediately attainable, reevaluate and plan the steps to achieve your goal. Secondary job goals are often among these steps. A secondary goal may include part time, temporary, or contract employment. It may be an opportunity for advancement or self employment. It may be interim employment while you pursue other opportunities. Whatever the case, you should consider secondary goals early in your job search.

The following exercises will help you explore your values and establish your employment goals. Another useful activity is to return to the list of your skills and mark those that you would like to use, and those you would not like to use, in future employment. A simple approach is to use colored markers to mark your selections.

"You can only hit a
target if you aim for it.

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