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Worksheets and Exercises

BulletDuty Identification Worksheet

BulletDuty Analysis Worksheet

Describing duties, identifying skills and setting goals will require an investment of time and energy. Yet, they are critical to an effective job search. You are not prepared to begin applying for jobs until this has been accomplished.

Following are some exercises to help you in this effort. They are designed to be completed in sequence. These exercises will require multiple copies of the worksheets, so you will want to make copies before you begin.

A very productive and fun way to complete these exercises is with a partner or in a small group. The input from others can bring a new perspective and insight into your experience and skills. The satisfaction of helping someone else will enhance your own efforts.

"...most of what we know
and what we've become
we've learned from others...
we are all students..."

Once you have identified your duties and skills, you are much closer to being ready to tell an employer what you can offer them. Next, you need to identify your job goal and match your skills to the needs of potential employers.

The main reason some people
have trouble finding a job is:


to Describe

Skills or Abilities


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