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Resume Presentation

Quality Paper

Now that you have invested time in writing the perfect resume, what remains is to produce a high quality final product. Quality paper is a final touch that will leave a favorable impression with a prospective employer. It is appealing to the eye and prints better, maintaining a clear, sharp image. As for color, white is still considered the first choice. Off-white, cream, or gray is acceptable; avoid using colored paper. Paper size should be the standard letter size, 8-1/2" x 11". Here are other guidelines:

Paper Weight


Paper Texture


Computer Resources

Computers have become an important job search tool for most job seekers. However, not everyone has access to this technology. There are many places where use of a computer costs very little or is free. For example:
Job Service Offices
Workforce Centers
Libraries Print Shops
Social Organizations
Community Agencies Religious Organizations
Friends and Family
Private Placement Agencies

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