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Resume Variations


The keyword resume is a variation that adds a listing of skills to the beginning of any standard resume format. Critical occupational skills placed at the beginning add impact to the resume and help capture the reader's attention. This variation is effective for all career fields and skill levels. It is a very effective strategy for creating scannable resumes. The format for a keyword resume would look something like this:


Employment Objective

Summary of Skills (Key Word List)

Skill Skill Skill
Skill Skill Skill
Skill Skill Skill

Resume Body
(Chronological, Functional or Combination)


More of a strategy than a style, the targeted resume directs skills and experience to the specific needs of one employer. All resumes should target the needs of a specific occupation. In addition, this approach targets the specific needs of an employer and a specific job. It requires careful research of the employer's needs. Sources for information include position descriptions, employer profiles, industry publications, networking, and informational interviews. When drafting a targeted resume, direct your skills and experience to the specific needs of the employer. This is a very powerful resume strategy that can set you apart from the competition and capture an employer's interest. For executive positions and specialized technical jobs this strategy is almost a necessity.

Convenient access to a computer and word processing skills will help to make this strategy work. Using the combination format, set up a resume template with header information and the chronological summary of your employment. Then customize the functional section of the resume, the summary of skills, accomplishments and qualifications to meet the needs of a specific employer. Be sure to name your objective with the exact job title.

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