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Samples and Worksheets

"Your resume is a marketing tool.
Make sure it presents you
in a positive way."

The following resume samples model the basic formats and principles of resume writing. Consider how each job seeker presented his/her skills and experience. Along with the content, look at how the resume is presented. Draw the best from each to help decide how to style your resume. Ultimately your resume will be unique to you and will not look exactly like any of these presented. For more resume samples look in the job search section of your local book store or library, or contact your local Job Service office.

Your resume should focus on your skills. Employers want to know what you can do, not just where you have been. That is why resume scanning systems look for skills. The second copy of each resume has keywords highlighted that a resume scanning system might identify. Various scanning systems will identify different skills. This is because resume scanning systems use a lexicon or dictionary when looking for words and will identify only those words that are on file.

The resume worksheets are tools for crafting your resume. They are not intended as a fill-in-the-blank form. Use them as a model. Sections may vary and the layout you choose will ultimately be a variation on one or all of these formats.

BulletChronological Resume Sample; Worksheet

BulletFunctional Resume Sample; Worksheet

BulletCombination Resume Sample; Worksheet

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