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Researching a Company

Before you apply for a job at a particular company, you should learn as much about that company as you can. Researching the company will give you the information you need when deciding if this is a company for which you would like to work. Would employment with this company meet your career values?

Here are some sample questions:

  1. What products/services does the company provide?

  2. How many employees does the company have?

  3. How long have they been in business?

  4. Where is the company located? Does it have more than one location?

  5. What is the company's mission statement or philosophy?

  6. What is the company's financial situation? Is it making money?

  7. Has the company undergone any downsizing in the last 5 years?

There are many sources that have information about employers. Below is a list of some of these sources.

Useful information can be obtained by researching the company's name, product, trade or industry. This can be done for publicly and privately held companies. Publicly held companies are those that offer stock to the public. Privately held companies do not.

Information Sources

National Resources:

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KMillion Dollar Directory Dun and Bradstreet

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KStandard and Poor's Register of

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KCorporation, Directors, & Executives

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KWard's Business Directory of Largest U.S. Companies

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KWard's Business Directory of Major U.S. Private Companies

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KMacmillan Directory of Leading Private Companies

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KCorporate Report Factbook

Minnesota and Regional Resources:
Checkit.gif - 0.2 KLeading Twin Cities Companies

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KContacts Influential

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KTelephone Directories

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KManufacturer's Directories by State

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KNational Trade & Professional Associations, U.S.

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KU.S. Industrial Outlook

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KChamber of Commerce Directories

Checkit.gif - 0.2 KMinnesota Directory of Manufacturers

This is just a partial listing of resources you may want to consider. Check out the Business Section in your local library and ask the librarian for assistance.

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