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Cyber Resumes

Once you have mastered the paper resume you can add plain text and hypertext resumes to your resources. On the Internet there are numerous opportunities to present your resume to potential employers. You can post your resume on newsgroups or in resume databases. You can send your resume directly through e-mail. You can even set up a professional web site using your resume information.

Plain Text Resumes

E-mail, newsgroups and most resume databases require you to format your resume in basic text. Plain text resumes have the advantage of being read by most computer programs and are easily transferred through electronic media. The major disadvantage is the loss of fancy formatting. The content of the resume should follow the same standards as a paper resume. Many plain text resumes will be managed in a database so special attention should be given to keywords. Targeting strategies should also be considered. Here are some general tips:




Hypertext Resume

Hypertext resumes take advantage of the features of the World Wide Web. They may include graphics, video, sound, hypertext links, direct e-mail and more. Some sites that post resumes require them to be formatted in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Many progressive job seekers are creating professional web sites which include their resume information. The cost to set up such a site can be reasonable. Many Internet service providers include space for a web page as part of their service package.

Creating hypertext documents, web sites and an Internet presence is an extensive topic. There are hundreds of resources on the Internet, in bookstores and in libraries to help you in this effort. Most of the major word processing programs have software additions that translate documents into HTML. There are software products on the market designed specifically for writing web pages. For more information and instruction on web authoring go to the Internet Instruction section of the Minnesota Workforce Center Internet Directory (

A good hypertext resume should follow the publishing standards of the World Wide Web. It should also follow the basic standards of resume writing (with a few exceptions). Here are some general tips:

To view samples of personal web pages designed as a job search tool, go to your favorite search engine and search on the keyword "resume." You will find a wealth of samples to preview. Don't just look for people with the same experience and background as you have. Consider how they have created a professional presence using the tools of the web. A list of the major search engines can be found in the the Search Tools/Directories section of the Minnesota Workforce Center Internet Directory (

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