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Legal Rights

Questions asked in an interview should focus on your qualifications for the job. Although recent legislation helps ensure that you are not asked illegal questions, occasionally these questions come up on an application or in an interview. Human Resource personnel are usually aware of what's legal and illegal. However, others involved in the hiring process may not have the same awareness.

It is your right to withhold information unrelated to the job. However, research shows that refusing to answer questions may hurt your employment prospects. Think through possible illegal questions ahead of time and decide how you will handle them. If it does not bother you to answer a question - go ahead and answer it. If the question does bother you, be prepared to address it in a way which will not offend the interviewer. The key to effectively handling difficult questions is to prepare suitable answers well before the interview.

Listed below are examples of acceptable and discriminatory questions. For more information, contact the Minnesota Department of Human Rights or your local Job Service Office.

Legal Questions:

After hiring, an employer may request:

Discriminatory or Illegal Questions:

Title I of ADA lists these additional prohibited questions:

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