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Reasons People Don't Get Hired

  • Poor personal appearance

  • Overly aggressive

  • Inability to express information clearly

  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm

  • Lack of planning for career; no purpose and no goals

  • Nervousness, lack of confidence and poise

  • Over emphasis on money

  • Unwillingness to start at the bottom

  • Lack of tact and courtesy

  • Lack of maturity

  • Negative attitude about past employers

  • No genuine interest in company or job

  • No eye contact with the interviewer

  • Application form is incomplete or sloppy

  • No sense of humor

  • Late for interview

  • Failure to express appreciation for interviewer's time

  • Fail to ask questions about the job

  • Gives vague responses to questions

Illustrate in an interview how you:

1. Identified a problem
2. Identified possible solutions
3. Selected a solution
4. Implemented a solution and what was the positive outcome
Prepare Prepare Prepare Prepare

WRITE OUT answers to questions!

Your strengths

Your leadership

Your ability to learn new things

Your contributions to the organization

Your creativity in solving problems, handling people

Practice Practice Practice Practice

You should have at least 2 to 4 stories to tell an interviewer about yourself. Don't say you get along well with do dogs. Tell a story. People remember specific illustrations of skills, experience and education. Make yours memorable. Stand out from the crowd. Make your stories relate to the skills the employer is seeking. Don't forget your sense of humor. SMILE.

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