You travel at a comfortable pace over hills and dells following paths and resting in dingles. The sun is bright and its a lovely day. As you sit and rest you wait patiently and soon the small animals come out of hiding and study you. You wait quietly until they are not afraid any more and then you talk to them and offer them some food from your knapsack. You learn that there is something wicked happening in Piggville from some small animals that have escaped. Someone has heard that a mighty wizard is trapped by evil sorcery somewhere and someone else has heard crying coming from somewhere in Hamlett. 

You are near enough to the highway now that you can follow it and...
    go to Pigsville,
    go to Hamlett,
    go to Pigsburg, the Pig City, where you are likely to hear more that can help you;

    or you can continue thru the woods.