You drift thru the dingy streets of the Sowside not knowing what to expect. Scroungy and shady characters eye you as you pass and mutter to each other. You feel as if you're being followed no matter which way you go. The streets seem to be getting darker and more dangerous the further you go. Mangy dogs are eating things in the gutters and huge roaches skitter in and out of cracks in the buildings you pass. You can't see anyone, yet you can sense that there are eyes watching your movements from every direction. Occasionally you catch sight of movements out of the corner of your eyes but there is never anything there when you look at it.

    You decide to try sneaking back the way you came.
    You decide to climb down in a manhole and hide.
    You want to stop and talk to the next person you see.
    You plow ahead into the foggy gloom, undauntled; you'll be sorry, but go ahead.