The orc bandits have seen you. You decide to act boldly. "Ho," you shout, "do you have any food to spare?"

"Ho, ho," the big one says, Look who dropped in for dinner." "He he," the small, mean one says, "Looks like dinner dropped in on us. The largest one smiles and looks at the other two. They smile and move forward to meet you.

 The forest is a lovely place. The sun twinkles merrily thru the leaves of the trees making moving dappled spots on the ground. The soft murmering of the leaves rustled by the gentle winds is occasionaly broken by the cry of a meadowlark or chattering of a squirrel. The scents of pine and forest flowers mingle with the acrid odor of burning flesh from the campfire. The two small orcs are coming towards you.

You can try friendly reasoning.

You can draw your sword and fight  

Or you can cast a spell over them