You head for the Fortune teller's tent. She is sitting with a cowl over her head looking into a glowing crystal ball. She motions you to sit down. You put some coins on the table. A hand comes out from under the table and takes the coins away. You hear them dropping one by one into a piggy bank. The Crystal ball is blank. The Gypsy turns a small dial on the table till it clicks and pictures begin to form in the ball. Shapes and shadows dance on the surface of the ball, some monstrous, some shiny and glittering. A small piggy looks out at you hopefully and disappears.

The Gypsy offers you these directions for your life:

    For safety go north.  
    For danger go east
    For rescue make your way to Hamlet from your next stop.
    For more helpful news go to the Sowside.
    For wild fun and adventure go south.