Big Rock Candy Mountain

You stumble into a huge cave with white transluscent walls. There is a faint sweet odor to the place and a soft buzzing as of happy bees mixes with the popping of bubbles in a huge fountain. You take a sip from the fountain and the tiny bursting bubbles tickle your nose and lips. The water seems to be flavored. You notice a spring bubbling up near the fountain and smell the faint pungent scent of lemons coming from it. It tastes like lemonade. The trees have small white cylinders hanging from them. They look like cigarettes but taste like candy. Gumdrop bees buzz around the trees creating rainbows of color and sound. You pick up a chunk of the white clear crystal rocks that are scattered everywhere. It smells sweet. It tastes sweet. It is candy. YOU have discovered the legendary Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Congratulations!  Eat happy.


This book was written and illustrated by Hank Roll for his daughter, Amy (September 1984)

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