You run toward the little pig who signals you to get back. But it is too late. A writhing mass of black tentacles erupt out of the floor engulfing you. You are helpless in their grasp. They are choking you and everything begins to get red and foggy. The little piggy gestures and the clinging black tentacles become garlands of flowers and slip off of you. As she moves toward you a gooey black an~ green mass .drops on her from the ceiling· She tries to dispell it by changing it into flowers but every part that is changed is quickly covered over by the spreading gooey mass. She is finally captured in a ball of squirming black goo. "This time I'll drain your powers and put you in a cell you'll never escape from."  the evil wizard cackles. "And as for you," he turns towards you, "a suitable reward for helping me capture this accursed little pinkling..." he waves his hand. You find yourself an unmoving statue in the middle of Pig Town square.

Maybe the spell will wear off someday and you can try again to save the Platinum Piggy.


This book was written and illustrated by Hank Roll for his daughter, Amy (September 1984)

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