You follow the tunnel. Rooms branch off, some with large pieces of furniture and others with huge piles of vegetables. In one of the rooms there is a chubby little munchkin playing a kazoo who screetches, "I know he's here somewhere, I just know it." She hops off into a corner and you continue searching. 

You notice that the ground trembles regularly as if someone was pounding it with a giant hammer. The vibrations seem to be getting stronger as if they were getting closer. They are very strong and loud now. You peek into the room where they' re coming from. There is a huge sabre-toothed rabbit, thumping his foot and waiting.  His teeshirt has an F.F. on it.

    run in and kick the rabbit 
    hop in and introduce yourself 
    duck back and quietly follow a line of ants up the corridor
    follow some small tracks west.