Pigastoric World Overhead a murky sky is filled with strange winged pigs with long twisting tails. Huge plants with long leaves clutter the landscape. Giant ferns and mosses dwarf you. Huge trids lumber slowly thru the vegetation crushing Rammoth plants under their huge splayed feet. Bloated flippered pigs paddle slowly thru muddy green waters while towering pigosauruses stretch their long necks to feed on the topmost branches of cyclads.

a winged pig You are in the PIGASTORIC WORLD. The tranquil scene is suddenly shattered by an earth shaking squeal. Baconflies with sparkling wings scatter out of the greenery. Bloated pigs disappear under the surface of green slime. Little long-legged piggys run, squeaking, past your legs. The dreaded Pigosaurus Rex is stomping this way.

You can...
    jump into the nearest hole
    dig a hole until you escape
    throw a spell
    talk to him
    stay and try to fight him.