You don your best invisibility spell, and slowly creep around behind the evil figure. The room is full of flashes and explosions as the wizards cast their power at each other. The evil wizard seems so busy that he may not have noticed you. You wait until he is casting a spell and you gather up every ounce of power, magic and strength that you have and give him a flying kick in the rear. He goes head over kishkas across the floor with bats, rats and lizards flying out of his cloak. Before he can recover he is enclosed in a huge rainbow bubble that lifts him off the floor. He thrashes and curses but is powerless inside the bubble. The small piglet wizard, Oinky, rushes over and gives you a big hug. "You've saved us all," she cries, " now take the Platinum Piggy to the rebel alliance
and save the universe!"


This book was written by Henry Roll for his daughter, Amy, September 1984

1999 Amby Duncan-Carr  Henry Roll  All Rights Reserved.