You will do a lot of healthy walking over hills and valleys and jumping or wading across streams. The sky is a bright piggy blue and the sun is shining on fat white piggy clouds that oink across the sky bumping and tumbling into each other. As you travel you notice a lot of small animals that are traveling away from Piggville.

    If you want, you may  stop and talk to the animals.

    Otherwise you can continue south.  

    Or go north where everything will look familiar.

    If you go east you will come to the Pigagheny Mountains and can follow them north to familiar territory or south.  

    If you go west you will come to the Pigagheny River which you can follow home to the north or south to Pigsburg.

    If you want to continue going cross country then you can follow the path  or travel through the woods.  

    Or you can stop and build a fire. First you collect twigs and branches and lay them in a pile. Then you put dried moss and dried leaves in a pile under the smaller branches and light them with your Picg lighter. Its a pretty fire and you can sit and watch as long as you want, this is YOUR story. When you carefully put the fire out and mix the ashes with dirt like Smokey taught you, you discover a rock that has been split open by the heat. Inside it is a pink ruby in the shape of a galloping piggy.

    You can keep it by saying, "Hey, I found a ruby and I'm keeping it."

    Or you can put it back in the rock and bury it and come back and get it the next time you read this story.

    When you're ready to go you can go north back to the old familiar places, or west to Pigsburg.
    Or you can go east.
    Or south.     Or cross country.