web Spiders scuttle out of your way, bones crunch and splinter underfoot and beady eyes glare from crevasses in the walls. Things rustle through the debris and strange slitherings and scrabblings are heard from behind the walls. There are no six inch cockroaches here... because the centipedes ate them all. The millipedes are so big and ugly that it only takes nine of them to make a dozen.  web

Huge flakes of ceiling break off and flutter to the floor. You see dozens of little bugs running off the fallen pieces and scooting up the wall to ride the next flake down. Things pop and splatter as you walk thru the rubble and you have to keep stopping and scrape the squashed stuff off your shoes. The air is so thick it has to be chewed. The smell makes your nose want to cry.

You come to a huge pile of bones and rotting carcasses at an intersection.

You can...
    go to the left: , or to the right:
    climb up to a hole in the ceiling 
    dive into a shining pool
    or you can dig your way thru to the next corridor (which will bring you right back here).