You find yourself in a junction of corridors that leads in all directions. You choose one and, after hours of wandering, you come on a junction of corridors that lead in all directions. There are a set of footprints in the dust and you follow them. After hours you come to a junction of corridors and find that the tracks have been joined by a second pair of footprints. You follow them and find that they are later joined by another set and, still later, another. You notice that all of the tracks have a heel with a  nick out of it just like yours. After roaming for several days you begin to recognize certain turns. 

You finally realize that you are in the Maze. All you can do is wander around until you find the way out. If you cheat to get out, a big blue boogeyman will eat your shoes.

You decide to try escaping by going...
    cross-ways,   roundabout,   downward,   or outside-in.