You leap fearlessly down on the head of the huge hulking Porkosaurus Rex as he begins to rise. You get a wonderful view of the ground receding from you at an amazing speed. You are now forty feet up in the air hanging on to a huge head full of sharp piggy teeth that are trying to snap you around for a good bite. You try to get out your sword but it is wedged into a seam. 

A seam? 

You examine the head while the huge creature bounces over trees trying to shake you off. The fearful Tyrafnosaurus Piggy seems to be sewn together. You saw your sword against the threads and they sever. You reach in and pull out a wad of stuffing. You keep yanking out the stuffing. The more you pull out ,the smaller he gets. You finally end up with a three story pile of stuffing and a little Piggy in your hand who is squeaking and trying to bite you. You throw him into the pile of wadding and he starts to stuff himself.

You decide to...
    watch him to see what happens
    put him in your knapsack and go home
    rest in the nearest cave entrance
    follow little hoof prints.