As soon as you press the button the bottom drops out of the booth and you go sliding down a polished curving tube. You bump to a stop. Across the room from you is the shimmering Platinum Piggy standing on a gold dias. A wall of flying snakes suddenly cuts off your view of the Precious Piggy. The snakes came from a tall blackcaped figure on your right and are aimed at the small Pink Piggy on your left. She raises a small hoof, wiggles her snout and the snakes swerve and plunge into the wall like spears. She forms a brilliant bubble of light in her hands and blows it at the evil figure. A swarm of little black teeth come out of his cape and eat the bubble. They grow larger and dive at the little piggy but pop and disappear when they get near her. A lightening bolt crackles from the black figures hand but turns to sparkling confetti when it nears the Piggy. 

You can...
    run to help the piggy
    step into the room and yell, "Stop!"
    sneak up on the figure
    make a wish
    run and grab the platinum piggy.