In a last deparate act of will you squeak out a weak 'Help!' into the velvet darkness overwhelming you. The mass of rats swarms over you and carries you, helpless, to the bottom of the pit. Suddenly, a round black head with pointed ears appears at the edge of the pit. The black form plunges gracefully thru the air into the squirming mass of rodents. Another smaller head appears at the rim and comes sailing down into the vermin carpet. There is a flurry of biting , snapping and squealing and you are soon alone in the pit with the two awesome creatures. The smaller one sits up on its haunches and appears to begging for some cheese from your knapsack. You feed her and the two felines jump up to the edge of the pit and lie down and begin cleaning themselves. 

There are crawlways in many directions from the bottom of the pit.
    You can go...   North South, East, or  West

If you don't want to have anything more to do with the pit you can climb out again.