You pounce on the caped figure choking the little pig and all three of you tumble thru the air together. Down you fall towards the water. The water seems to have sapped the strength of the huge caped figure and he seems to be trying to escape your grasp. You hang on firmly and you can feel him changing in your hands. He grows smaller and furrier as you fall and his arms become membraned wings. He desparately tries to flutter away but you clasp his wings securely. Suddenly you plunge into deep, cold water. The batlike creature in your hand foams and bubbles and dissolves into nothingness. 

The little piggy is so happy she glows in the darkness. She clambers up on a ledge and helps you up. She gives you a hug and says, "Oinky won't forget you." and disappears into a small tunnel. The tunnel is probably too small for you, but you want to try it anyway.  You end wind up stuck in it until a rat comes up and bites you; then you pop back out.

There are three other tunnels: 
    one is dry, another is quiet, and the last is noisy