Pignick Grounds

You are at the Pignick Grounds. There are swings, slides, sandboxes, a pool and millions of running, screaming, jumping, yelling piglets. They are swinging, squealing, hopping, splashing, clambering, sliding, diving and splooshing. As you try to move you are bumped, jostled, swung on, run over, crawled under, yelled at,  whined at, dribbled on and jumped on. Food is spilled on you, water is splashed at you, drinks are poured, on you and cotton candy, lollipops and melted chocolate are stuck, wiped and smeared on you.

You can...
    yell, "QUIET! Everybody shut up and sit down." (and nothing will happen)
    jump in the sandbox and dig a hole and bury yourself

Or you can run out screaming, 
    to the left to the right or  willy nilly.