You bravely push open the door to Pigalles and a beer stein comes sailing thru the air at you and shatters on the doorframe beside your head. Two fat, redfaced dryinks roll past you cursing and pummeling each other. A fat, tusked cook comes out of the kitchen chasing a waiter with a leg of something. They are followed by a waitress swinging a dripping meat cleaver. A sign over the bar says 'Eat, drink or get.' 

A short smelly boar in a slimey apron sharpening a huge bread knife comes up to you,  knocks you into a chair and belches, "What'll ya have ?"

You say, "Nothing, I'm just looking." 

Or you flip him a coin and growl, "Where is it?"  He points to a door and you...
        go thru it
        back out the door quickly and run left
        turn around and jump out and run
        leap out the door and jump on your horse and ride to the north 
        (and be prepared to explain where you got a horse).