The Anteroom

You have come into the anteroom of a large house that seems to go off in every 
direction. There are hundreds of doors and archways and passages leading in all directions. A giant track organ built by Georg Swetzler and played by Piggy Darling causes the room to swell with the strains of Bach's Piggatta and Fugue. You have found your way into The Pig House. You realize you can't go back the way you came in; you will have to choose one of these ways out:

    The Green door
    Red door
    Black Archway
    Red Arch
    Sliding door
    Trap door
    Pink door
    Gold door
    Smoky door
    Door with hex sign
    Back door
    Secret door
    Noisy door
    Magic door
    Metal door
    Door marked 'warning'
    Foul stench passage
    The bottomless pit