Jolly piggys rush and bustle back and forth thru the small streets of PIGSLEY. A jolly band of laughing urchins approach you and ask if they can help you. They admire your clothing and weapon and wish you a good day. They go off laughing and whistling and having a wonderful time.

You discover that your purse and pockets are now empty. You wander thru the small town looking for this jolly little band of thieves but they seem to have disappeared.

In your searching you have discovered a huge garbage pit behind McPiggle's restaurant. A rope is tied to the back door and leads down into the pit. In the shadows of the pit small yellow eyes glare up at you.

You go...
    down the rope into the pit
    back to the deserted stairway:
    to the Pigacombs:

Or you can head...
    West South, or farther South