Princess Leah Porkana

You are the lovely Princess Leah Porkana. 

You are leaving your gorgeous piggy castle to seek the fabulous Platinum Piggy. Your friends in the Rebel Alliance have told you that it will aid in the fight against the terrible Imperial butchers.

You have learned that the priceless Piggy is somewhere in your native country of Pigsylvania.

You study all your magic spells and practice your martial arts until you are in top form. You pack your knapsack and set out on the Great Adventure.

You head south toward the area that you know you are most likely to be able to track the Piggy down.

You come to the point in the road where you can decide which way to go. 

You can...
    continue south on the main road   

    follow the southwest branch of the road   

    follow the road to the south east.

    go cross country thru the woods and hills.