The Pig Palace

Huge boars in fancy dress uniforms parade back and forth around the high walls of the Pig Palace. Sculpted turrets adorn the walls and buildings and small birds fly in and out of the fancy latticework carvings. A pair of massive bronze gates are set in the front wall. Thru the gates you can see a group of persons in royal dress playing a game of croquet. There are angry shouts and a croquet ball comes sailing over the wall. Pandemonium ensues inside with cursing and cries of "off with their heads." The croquet ball, which appears to be a head, looks up at you and winks. 

If you want to join the Croquet Ball Liberation Front, call the A-team.

If you want to follow a curious rabbit, dressed in hearts and obsessed with his watch, go to Alice in Wonderland.

You can... 
    go North,   go West,   go Northeast,  
    pick up the head