You carefully search the cell but find nothing other than the open door and the scraped block. 

You sit down and begin scraping at the block. After many hours you eventually work the block free. You manage to slide it out and discover a place between the walls where you might possibly fit. There are many cobwebs and the bones of hundreds of rats are scattered over the floor but you crawl into it anyway. (You are either very brave or very stupid.) You crawl around and around and eventually get closer to the crying that you heard earlier. You peek thru a crack and there is a very small pig lying on a cot, crying. You use your feet to push a block out of the wall and the piglet comes running over to you. 

You say, "I'm a friend.
    She says, "I'm Oinky."

She squeezes past you and runs off thru the tunnel. You try to keep up, but she has disappeared. 

You follow the tunnel and find a branching leading to exits:
    Northwest West South,   and  Southwest